Cutting a Cord

Disgusted with the high price of cable and internet, this afternoon I packed up all of my cable t.v. equipment and walked to Comcast to cancel the cable t.v. portion. I walked out of Comcast having cancelled the internet too, after their best price for any internet was still over $60.

Though I’d given some thought to dropping both, in the end, it was rather impulsive to drop the internet. Now I’m faced with thinking through what that actually means. Continue reading “Cutting a Cord”

Out the Window

I will say again, “all memory is fiction.” I clearly remember the following story, but my friend Krista has already told me that she remembers it differently! Here’s what I remember.

I attended school in the days before ADHD diagnoses and the naming of learning styles (kinesthetic for me). I struggled to sit in my desk and pay attention, which caused misbehavior and a lack of focus for me. I could tell all-too-many stories of my exploits. This is one of them. Continue reading “Out the Window”


Sometimes I am surprised by my younger self and what she saw or understood. That was before times of numbing myself to feeling. In some ways, my young self was wiser than some later versions of myself. Today I rediscovered this poem that I wrote. Judging by the handwriting and grammar, I think I was in middle school or early high school. It gives me hope for my writing now. If I could find depth then, I certainly should be able to tap into greater life experience and expression now.



Can you see into those eyes?
To  the bitterness and defiance?
Look hard, for it is there.

Continue reading “Eyes”