Aunt Marie

I hear her her hearty belly laugh coming from downstairs. This is my Aunt Marie. I love her dearly. Getting to spend time with her on this trip is a treat.

My Aunt Marie is 87 years young.  She has dementia now, so her memory, especially the short term type, is very evident. She forgets things which results in repeated questions or telling the same stories repeatedly. She needs help to maintain daily life.

She is still herself. Memory issues have not changed her wonderful spirit and personality. Continue reading “Aunt Marie”


My son was crossing over into boy scouts. He was leaving behind the cub scouts and moving up into his last scouting phase. It was a powerful reminder that he is growing up and becoming more independent. It’s a good thing, I know, but all you mommas out there know it also tugs on those heart strings. Continue reading “Crossover”