B’Elana entered our life in 2010. We went to the SPCA to get a companion cat for Javan. She seemed perfect. She had the softest fur! She was playful and seemed to like being picked up and petted. She had been there for many months and we were surprised that they’d let her stay so long. We brought her home and changed her name to B’Elana. B’Elana was a character in Star Trek Voyager. She was half human and half Klingon. The character was at times insecure and other times ferocious. This ended up fitting our B’Elana well. Continue reading “B’Elana”

The Beginning of a Thousand

Last night I found myself thinking, “Could I be any more blessed?!” I then stopped and marveled that I had thought it, while among some very hard things in life. The hard stuff hasn’t changed. My son remains, permanently, not living with us. My daughter’s baby will still be raised by others. My friend still has cancer.

Yet…still. God is still good. He still gives good gifts. Continue reading “The Beginning of a Thousand”