Conversation in the Hydrangea

(a fiction story that I submitted to a contest on

Resting from the midday heat, Gladys and Mabel stood together on a leaf, on the interior of a hydrangea bush.

Mabel excitedly told Gladys, “I found the best place to lay my eggs yesterday.”

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Don’t Cry

I dropped a box of pasta today
it was an amazing sight to see 
vermicelli was everywhere 
it even bounced off my knee 

I looked around and surveyed the mess 
but then I noticed something 
criss-crossing patterns of loveliness 
beauty that made my heart sing 

Smile on my face I bent to the task 
of collecting those strands near and far 
I thought of spilled milk, I did not cry 
Pasta, I bid you “au revoir.” 

Braving On at the Brave On Conference

*This post is a follow-up to an article I wrote for Red Tent Living. You can read that article here.

Anticipation can be a tricky thing. We’ve probably all experienced being excited about something that is upcoming. We have our hopes and dreams of how it will all play out. When the time comes, reality is rarely exactly like our expectations. Instead, it can be anywhere from what we envisioned to being a big disappointment with our hopes dashed. Close to the former is when our hopes aren’t met like we expected, but the experience is still fabulous. Which would this be for me?

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These Hands

Where does stress show its signals in your body?

Many years passed without significant personal growth, but these last few years have been a snowball. I’ve come awake. The walls I had erected have crumbled. The light that had been held at bay by those walls is now illuminating much. Now I have eyes to see and a heart that wants to move forward. That often requires looking backward.

My hands. This is where my stress becomes evident. My hands know something is wrong before my head and heart do.

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At the Eye Doctor

1…or 2? 1…or 2?
Puff, jump!
Puff, jump!
Head back
Drip, drip
Look at the blinking light
The other eye

Wait here for the doctor
Swinging feet
Memorizing the room with time
Wishing I’d brought something to do
Where is the doctor?
Maybe they forgot me!
I’ve heard of that happening
I strain to listen
Is that workers wrapping up for the day?
Will I have to call 9-1-1?
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