Why Single Parents Need You, Married Couples

My kids and I were invited to join another family for a Memorial weekend trip. I was excited to be asked and jumped at the chance. When we get this type of invitation, the hosts rarely know what a significant thing they are doing.

We single parents and our children desperately need you – married couples and intact families. You can model for our children what we cannot – how husbands and wives interact and how both moms and dads interact with their children. We can TELL our kids how it should be, but that’s not the same. Continue reading “Why Single Parents Need You, Married Couples”

Enduring Friendship

We met nearly 20 years ago, a fact which amazes me. How could it have been so long ago? I had the privilege of spending time with my friend Lisa last week. She lives on the other side of the country now, so I rarely see her more than once a year, if that. When we do meet, the years and the distances fall away again.

I have several friendships which, like the one with Lisa,  have a special quality. They are the ones that were formed long ago and yet still stand. These friends are ones I may not see often, but we can pick right back up with each other and dive into deep conversation whenever we see each other. Our friendships have endured. They have become comfortable and safe. I know I can be myself with these precious ones. I know they care.

Lisa and I met at a church we both attended. Steph and I met in high school. My friendship with Sandy began when she was teaching at my school. These friendships have lasted nineteen years, thirty-five years, and eighteen years. 

I hope that all of you have, or will have, some friendships like these.

These types of friendships are like gold. These friends have stayed with us for the long haul. Unlike new friendships that we’re not sure will last long term, these friendships already have. There’s a huge comfort in knowing you have connected enough with someone to be kept for the long haul.

Do you have any friendships like these? I’d love to hear about them, in the comments section.





Mind Before Body

The sunshine streamed in through the windows of the nursing home “day room,” offering beauty in the midst of decay. Only my family noticed it. The several residents in the room, other than my father, were sound asleep in their wheelchairs, slumped in various positions.

My dad sat across the table from me. He sat in his own wheelchair. Despite the room feeling warm to me, he wore fuzzy suede slippers, black fleece lounge pants, and a flannel shirt. A red “Gitmo Bay” baseball cap rested atop his mostly bald head as he sat gazing at the t.v.

“What time is it?” he suddenly asked. Continue reading “Mind Before Body”