Mom’s Accident, the Facts

There will be a separate post on the emotional impact of this, but here are the facts, for now. 

What a couple of days! Thursday was Mom’s car wreck and her miraculous survival.

Here are Mom’s words, to a visiting friend. Continue reading “Mom’s Accident, the Facts”

Socks With Sandals?!

I finally get it. I was one of those who would shake my head at those silly people who wore sandals and socks in cool or cold weather. Why not wear real shoes?

As the beginning of the school year approached this year, I fought the return to “real” shoes more than ever. As a p.e. teacher, my sandals don’t really fit the image. I resigned to play the part and put on my athletic shoes. I was miserable.  Continue reading “Socks With Sandals?!”

Too Far (a short story)

Tears burned Daniel’s eyes as he clenched the newspaper and read the obituary for the third time. He wiped his nose with a tissue and asked, aloud, “What right do I have to mourn?”

Being alone in his apartment, no other person answered his question. His guilt, on the other hand, had a strong answer. “You don’t have any right. You are a horrid person. The entire family suffered because of YOU!”

He placed his head in his hands and sobbed, unable to stop the tears of his grief and regret for what he had done. He could never make amends for his selfish betrayal. Some things were too big to forgive. Continue reading “Too Far (a short story)”