Two Huge Endings In One Day

Friday couldn’t have been much bigger!

Here I am, at the end of a 30-year career in teaching. When I looked at my Google calendar Friday morning, I chuckled when I saw the reminder that I’d set a month or so ago. It read “School’s Out Forever!” Perhaps I should rewrite the song, from a teacher’s perspective. Continue reading “Two Huge Endings In One Day”

Art Journaling

On Saturday, I explored “art journaling” for the first time. I had been curious about this for months, after reading about it on Julie’s blog. I saw the pictures of her completed pages and read about the process she went through as she created. I considered giving it a try myself but hesitated to start without some direction.

When Heart Path Story Coaching posted the “save-the-date” offerings of art journaling workshops, I knew this was the opportunity I needed. I asked about registration before it was even officially open. Continue reading “Art Journaling”