Red Tent Writings

This page contains links to my submissions that have been published on Red Tent Living, an online magazine.

I am humbled and honored to have my writing including among those of many incredible ladies. I am a fledgling among beautiful, strong songbirds.

Embrace Received – This is my first submission. I submitted my entry and then didn’t receive a reply for a while. By that point, I’d convinced myself that my writing didn’t qualify to be there anyway. Then, I received an e-mail that it was accepted and would run sometime in May! I was both happy and nervous. It ran in May, 2016.

Atypical – This ran in July 2016, under the theme “Be Brave.”

Feeling the Grief – This was published in December, 2016. The theme was “Present!”

I Didn’t See This Coming! – When I originally submitted this post, it was over 1200 words. I was asked to edit it down to 800. It was tough, but a good challenge. This is the final result, posted in March 2017. The theme was “Miracles Can Happen.”

Reaching for Courage – This post ran in July 2017, under the theme of “Reach.”