Leaving Teaching After 30 Years

Nine days after my hip replacement surgery, I pushed my walker into the gym for an evening school event. I’d told the kids that I’d try to make it, but it would depend on how well I was recovering. “Ms. Leffel!” started to ripple through the students waiting to perform. I waved, but that wasn’t enough for some of them, who came for hugs.  Continue reading “Leaving Teaching After 30 Years”

My Hip Replacement Journey

When I started researching hip replacement, I wanted to read about both the medical side and personal stories of patients. The latter was lacking. Perhaps my story, which I will continue to edit, will be of help to others.

Continue reading “My Hip Replacement Journey”

The Night Before Hip Replacement

This is scary.

I’ve had surgery plenty of times, but this is different. Do you know what they do in a hip replacement? Other surgeries I’ve had fixed what was there, except for that right kidney I had until I was six years old. A hip replacement cuts off part of a bone and drives a spike down your femur! There is no going back to the original. Continue reading “The Night Before Hip Replacement”