A Special Place in My Heart

I was on a mission. Five quick steps forward, a shift to the left, ten steps forward, a pause, and then another continuation forward. All the while, I was scanning side to side, looking for one student out of the many who were leaving for the day. The kids were pulling on hats and coats, adjusting backpacks, and talking and laughing. It was the last day of school before Christmas break. I feared that the student I was seeking had already left. It was her last day and I wanted to say “good-bye.”¬†Students come and go often,¬†in my school. Sometimes I get to say “good-bye” and sometimes students move away or change schools without my knowing ahead of time. There are times, like this one, where my emotions run higher than usual, because of connections that I have with specific students. Continue reading “A Special Place in My Heart”