Exploring Outside of My Comfort Zone

A big part of me wanted to back out. Another part wanted to make excuses before I’d even started. We always tell our kids to be brave, to try even if we know we aren’t going to win, and that the experience is valuable. I had to keep telling myself those things a few days ago. I reminded myself that I’d picked the word “explore” as my word for the year, so I should explore, even if it was scary. Continue reading “Exploring Outside of My Comfort Zone”

One Word 2020

I wasn’t able to find the perfect word. I don’t think the word I want exists, so I picked the best option.

This stage of my life is giving me time to explore. Specifically, I am learning and creating. Or 2020, I’ve registered for a new writing class, a pottery class, and will register for an acting class next week.

Other words that I wanted to combine with explore were “learn” and “create.”

Continue reading “One Word 2020”