Poetry Festival

I misread the schedule and arrived early this evening, to the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival. This festival started on Wednesday, with some inviting workshops during the day.

My day job meant I couldn’t attend any of those, sadly. Upon my arrival at the registration table this evening, I was greeted with, “You’re the last one!”

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From the Back of the Line to the Front

In my university days, I had to give speeches in various classes. I can’t remember many of the topics, but I remember the feelings and settings well. With limited class time, it took several class sessions for all of the students to give their speeches. One of my classes was a night class, which met only once per week.

EVERY time, I would sit in the back, nervously fidgeting through each classmate’s speech, hoping I wouldn’t have to go next. A blizzard in the Sahara desert was as likely as my volunteering to go next. The teachers never assigned an order for us to speak. Instead, students would volunteer. I watched others go up, one by one, as I sat frozen in the back. Continue reading “From the Back of the Line to the Front”