I don’t know the name of this lake. It feels like an odd thing, since my home state of Virginia has only two natural lakes. One of those is in the midst of the Dismal Swamp, so that hardly counts anyway. Back home, if you go to a lake, you’re going to know its name. Continue reading “Water!”

Summer Resident

I was acting as tour guide, the way people do when others come to visit.  I was showing Mom and Don around Portland Head Light. We took the usual pictures from the most photographed side, then walked closer and around to the north side. The wind ruffled my hair as I paused at the railing.  I listened to the seagulls’ calls and feasted on the visual buffet of craggy rocks, ocean waves, and sailboats. Below me, the waves and the shape of the rocks created an occasional “bloop, bloop” sound. Continue reading “Summer Resident”