The Need for Community

The day after my dad died, I wrote this on Facebook – “How do people survive without community? I am so very grateful for mine.”

I remember seeing the movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” in the theater. I watched the father and child lose their place to live and become homeless. I couldn’t imagine having so little community as to be living on the streets. I still struggle to imagine it, because I am surrounded by so much love and care.  Continue reading “The Need for Community”


I didn’t know. That is true, but I am determined to do better now and in the future.

When my dad passed away in January, I read every comment on Facebook. I was surprised how many people took their time to comment, or even simply “react” to my posts about it. It was meaningful to me to have others expressing their acknowledgement of my loss.  Continue reading “Condolences”

“Be Kind to Yourself”

These words don’t come naturally to my mind. They come in the form of remembering the words spoken to me and written to me by a friend, in other times and spaces.

“Be kind to yourself.” 

I need those words. When I feel like I have to keep doing and “get things done,” I need them. When I feel like I am supposed to go to a social gathering, I need them. When my body says that it needs rest, those words remind me to give myself the care that I need. Continue reading ““Be Kind to Yourself””