Oasis at the Amusement Park

Earlier in the day, skipping the roller coaster that the kids were riding, I settled in on the hard wood bench. With a current temperature of 66°, this was the coolest day I’d ever spent at an amusement park. Snuggled in my warm sweatshirt, the cool breeze caressing my face felt delicious. Playfully, that breeze tickled my cheeks with my own hair. To my right, a Virginia flag fluttered energetically. I looked up at the sky, covered by a quilt of clouds with dark and light patches. The peacefulness of this spot was broken only by the loud classic rock songs, blaring from a nearby ride. Continue reading “Oasis at the Amusement Park”


Fear. Panic. Helplessness.

… My struggling  little girl body was pulled upward, into the life-giving air. I gasped for a breath before being forcefully dunked under the water yet again. He laughed at my sheer terror as he dunked me in and out of the water. Continue reading “Ambushed”

Stepping Back

It’s time to stop and reassess. How did I get to this point – to the point of saying “yes” to too much and volunteering for too much? I’ve felt overwhelmed and stretched to the point of feeling like I can’t do anything well. I recently tried to sit and give myself space to rest but, as my mind raced, I had to tell myself, “Stop planning and just BE!” It was eye opening. I have found myself thinking “I could help with…,” or “I should…” I’ve had too many irons in the fire and still I catch myself starting to add more. It has taken a while to get to the the place of realizing that I really can’t do it all and, in fact, I shouldn’t do it all. Continue reading “Stepping Back”