Sorting Through the Past

When I left to go to S.C., I took along some things that I had retrieved from 20180121_182628 smallDad’s attic a while ago. There were several binders of “Jack’s History” with the years on the sides. It’s always enlightening to see what other people think is important to save. One binder contained every football program from Dad’s years of playing at Harrisonburg High School. Those programs from the 1940’s were much nicer than the single sheet of paper we use today. Another binder covered Dad’s time in the Marines, in Guantanamo Bay. Along with pictures, he included tickets and programs for shows he attended in Cuba. Continue reading “Sorting Through the Past”

Saying Good-bye

The last six days have been a whirlwind. On Tuesday I got a call that my dad was being placed in hospice care. That meant a different level of care in the same nursing home. On Wednesday, I got another call that he had become unresponsive. I left on Thursday and headed down to S.C. I grabbed a few things like extra clothes, picture albums, and a Leffel coat-of-arms plaque, in case they would be needed.  Continue reading “Saying Good-bye”

“due to inclement weather…”

My Fitbit buzzed me awake at precisely 5:16 a.m., alerting me to a phone call. I scrambled for my phone, since only certain calls can get through my phone’s “do not disturb” mode. I didn’t get the call in time, but then received a text stating that “due to bad weather” our school system would be closed today. Huh? Confused, I listened to the “due to inclement weather” phone message. No bad weather was in the forecast, so I had to further verify. I checked the school system webpage, which wouldn’t load. I assume this was due to other confused teachers and parents looking for verification. I then check the local news station and found a list of closed schools, including ours, along with a weather alert for a possible wintry mix.

This is our second school closing for weather this year, neither of which was for snow. I’ll gladly take it, but this is not how I prefer it. Continue reading ““due to inclement weather…””