Change of Plans

The weekend was supposed to be my “respite weekend,” a time where I can take a rest from single parenting and relax. It was not to be. As the week ahead progressed, it became clear that to send my kids elsewhere meant they might get stuck there. I wouldn’t want to put another family in that situation and, happily, I couldn’t imagine snow days without my kids.

I have two friends who have taught me two things about parenting. Both of these ideas/words were important this weekend. Continue reading “Change of Plans”

Wading in with the Birth Mom

My three youngest kids have the same birth parents. Although they were placed in foster care, ultimately, the birth parents made the choice to give up their rights and have me adopt the kids. They could have chosen a long court battle with social services, but opted for what was best for the kids. The birth mom was grateful that they were together, loved, and had safety and security.

As I have walked with my daughter through the pain of the adoption of her own son, my thoughts have returned to the birth mom of my youngest kids. Continue reading “Wading in with the Birth Mom”


It’s the first day of the year, and it’s Friday. Normally that means trash pick-up day, but it’s a holiday. It annoys me to not be able to start the year off with getting rid of the mounds of holiday trash. What says “fresh start” better than having all the garbage hauled away?

I wish it was that easy to get rid of my own garbage. You know, all those mistakes, words that I can’t take back, and that heart of mine that is too easily turned aside? Sigh. Continue reading “Trash”