“How’s It Going With Annie?”

“How’s it going with Annie?” I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. 

Annie was released March 1, so it’s been nearly a month now. The day of her liberation, two of the kids and I met Annie’s dad at Food Lion at 6:30 a.m., so he could ride with us. He and the kids hadn’t seen each other in six years, so they were all excited to get reacquainted. 

I had asked if I could take a picture of Annie walking out the gate, but the guard promptly told me they’d storm the car and pull me out if they saw me doing so! Instead, we sat in the car without a camera, waiting for her to come out. We weren’t given an exact time.  We hadn’t waited long until one of the kids exclaimed, “There she is!’  Continue reading ““How’s It Going With Annie?””

Continuing a Family Passion

My first motorcycle ride was as a passenger, with a parent. Unlike the more common ride with a dad, mine was with my mom. Our little Yamaha 125 was ridden by my mom or dad, sometimes alone and sometimes with my brother or me on the back. It was thrilling to feel the wind, to be outside instead of in a car, and to do something undeniably “cool.” While still in our teens, my brother and I both got our motorcycle endorsements. When my brother secured a college internship in Nashville, he took the motorcycle there. Once he and the motorcycle returned, I rode the bike to commute to and from college. I couldn’t beat the gas mileage or the prime parking spaces on campus! It was always amusing to remove my helmet and see the surprised looks from other students. Continue reading “Continuing a Family Passion”