Too Much!

I have too much stuff. It’s wasting my time. It’s causing me stress and distracting me. I sit here surrounded by it and feel paralyzed, because finding places for it all seems overwhelming.

I want to quiet my space.

I want to simplify. Continue reading “Too Much!”

When a Friend is Moving Away

When my friend announced, a few weeks ago, that she and her family might be moving, my tears began. The might sounded like it would likely be a will.

My friend is moving. It sounds like a good situation for her family, but they’ll be five hours away. In this stage of life that I am in, five hours sounds incredibly far away.

I’ve only known her for a year. Seriously?! It’s hard to believe. Our hearts connected as we shared struggles and hopes with one another. We’ve watched and supported each other’s stepping out into challenging growth opportunities.  We’ve checked in with each other and taken risks in sharing our hearts.

I am going to miss her.

Here we are in this “in between” place of knowing that one of us is leaving, but it hasn’t happened yet. This could be a time for pulling back and self-protecting from further pain. It would be logical. Instead, we have chosen to stay connected and take advantage of the time we have left. Every time we see each other is one more gift to be enjoyed, even when the pain is lurking.