The Last Night

It has arrived. The last night.

It’s Annie’s last night in prison. Tomorrow she’ll walk out the gate to a colorful, fast-paced, noisy world that she hasn’t seen in nearly four years. She’ll have new choices and responsibilities. She is both excited and nervous. Getting out of prison is a relief but it is also overwhelming. Continue reading “The Last Night”

Wrestling with My “D”

The first time I took the DISC profile, last school year, I could argue with the results. After all, the assessment requires you to choose 2 words out of each set of 4 – those you relate to the most and least. It wasn’t always easy and there weren’t that many sets, so I didn’t think it could be that accurate.

I took the test again this year, expecting different results. Instead, I got the same results. I got the kind of results that most of us want to hide instead of share with our colleagues. I found myself sliding my booklet a bit closer and hoping that we wouldn’t be asked to divulge our results. What was this embarrassing result? I came out as a high “D.” D stands for dominant. All those I, S, and C people seemed content to share, while I, and the other D at my table, were embarrassed. I felt shame for who this test was proclaiming me to be. Continue reading “Wrestling with My “D””

That Hair

I smiled back at my friend. Sitting across from her, coffee cup in my hand, I looked at her friendly face, framed by her dark, curly hair.

I love that hair.

It’s not the generic, “Oh, I love her hair!” that you might say of a stranger. I love my friend’s hair because it’s HER hair and it’s “just right” for her.

I have a love of metaphor, symbolism, and simile. I find meaning and parallels in many things. I love sermon illustrations that provide insight through stories and comparison. I love giving gifts that somehow represent or relate to my loved ones’ personalities and strengths. Continue reading “That Hair”

One Month Until It All Changes Again

As of today, it will be exactly one month until Annie, the birth mom’s, release. I have already arranged to have the day off and will be going with Annie’s father and two of my kids to whisk her away from the prison.

I’m learning that getting out can be frightening. Annie has heard from others that when you are released, everything is overwhelming. Continue reading “One Month Until It All Changes Again”