“My heart was black with sin, until the savior came in…”

We sing this song at the Good News Club at my school.  I am grateful that Jesus washed my heart clean, but the reality is, it feels really black still.  The price has been paid, but the daily struggle against sin is terribly hard. Continue reading “Black”


As I sat at a graduation party today, I had a conversation with someone I hadn’t seen lately.  I was asked how my oldest daughter is doing. I shared that my unmarried, 19-year-old daughter is pregnant and due in October.  I received condolences and the comment that my daughter has “ruined her life.”

I was bothered by the comments and had to process through it all later.  Did my daughter ruin her life?  Does she even have the power to ruin her life? Continue reading “Ruined?”

Huggable Size


Here he is.  This is my bear that has been with me my whole life. My brother owned him first, but when I was born, my then 3-year-old brother gave him to me as a gift!

I have happy memories of playing with my bear.  I would lay on my back and hold him up with my feet.  I piled all my stuffed animals into a wall on my bed,  went under the sheets and then crawled under the wall.  He served as a comfy pillow when reading. Continue reading “Huggable Size”