Heaven – Part 1: Separation

Our trip north is nearly over. We’ve had a wonderful time seeing new places, but the best part has been spending time with family.

We wish we lived closer to each other. I have two cousins and an aunt in New York. All of them and their families are about 9 hours from where I live. Another cousin and family live 14 hours from us, in Maine.
New York FamOn this earth, there’s an ache to separation. The reality is that there is no way to easily bridge the distance between various¬†family members or friends in multiple places. Continue reading “Heaven – Part 1: Separation”

Writing Outside the Lines of My Blog

There have been baby steps and giant steps for me along the way, with my writing.

My first hesitant baby step was starting my blog. I used no names, even my own, and only shared it with a small group of people who felt safe to me. That first blog post was Loss, in October 2014. It wasn’t until a year and a month later that I shared a blog post, This Painful and Beautiful Story with the privacy setting of “public” on Facebook. Continue reading “Writing Outside the Lines of My Blog”