“Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…”

It started as a dream that we were hesitant to put into words. My cousin, Jenny, and I would lament the distance between our homes as we continued to grow closer. We started noticing property for sale and started expressing, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I/you could have a place up here?” The dream started sounding like a possibility when we looked at the tax-acquired (foreclosed) property lists for the town. These properties were to be sold at bid, with low minimums. I submitted a bid for a 5-bedroom house on 2.1 acres last week, for the small amount of  $13,050. It needs a lot of work and money to be livable.

On Monday night, the sealed bids were opened and I won! I was, in fact, the only bidder on that property. The work it would involve scared all others away. Thankfully, I have a cousin and her husband (cousin-in-law?) who have the vision to see the potential of the place AND can provide help. Conner and I left Tuesday morning and we saw the house for the first time on Wednesday. Continue reading ““Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…””