I chose this name, Heated and Hammered, for my blog because it seemed like the perfect name. When I began the blog, the previous seven years felt like I had been repeatedly stuck back in the furnace, heated until it seemed too much, then taken out and beaten by a hammer. Having done some blacksmithing myself, I know that the goal of the process is to refine and shape into something useful and/or beautiful. I have been changed for the better through these trials. I have been shaped by the master blacksmith, my Heavenly Father.

bio pic 1 bwI am an adoptive mom of four kids, presently ages 15, 19, 20, and 24 years old. I recently retired from teaching after 30 years at the same school.

I started this blog on my journey to become more open and real with others. Sharing my heart in writing is a big step along the way. It’s scary, but worth it. There are two bloggers whose hearts I saw in their blogs, and I realized the impact that being real canĀ have. We are all more connected than we think, when we take away the facades. TheĀ blogs of those two, whom I am also honored to have as friends, can be found below.

Spring of Joy

Composting the Heart

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