My 2018 – A Review

The timing of milestones and important events are easy to forget. It can be hard to answer questions about which year things happened or what was done at a certain time. I  had to consult my calendar to write this post.

Here are my key moments from 2018, or at least the ones that currently come to mind or were on my calendar.  Continue reading “My 2018 – A Review”

John C. Campbell Folk School

For years, my mom had been talking about wanting to take a class at the John C. Campbell Folk School and she wanted me to go with her. Over a decade ago, we’d attended a summer program for educators at Savannah College of Art and Design and had a blast. We decided to have another mother/daughter experience and go to the folk school this summer. I found places for my kids and Mom found us a house/pet sitter. Mom chose a woodturning class and I chose the writing class.

I didn’t pick a “one word” for myself this year, but one that would have fit is “risk.” I’ve been choosing to step out and do things that don’t feel safe. Choosing to take a writing class with strangers fit “risk” well. I knew I’d be faced with writing prompts with a time limit, followed by sharing with the strangers in my class. Continue reading “John C. Campbell Folk School”

“Be Kind to Yourself”

These words don’t come naturally to my mind. They come in the form of remembering the words spoken to me and written to me by a friend, in other times and spaces.

“Be kind to yourself.” 

I need those words. When I feel like I have to keep doing and “get things done,” I need them. When I feel like I am supposed to go to a social gathering, I need them. When my body says that it needs rest, those words remind me to give myself the care that I need. Continue reading ““Be Kind to Yourself””

“due to inclement weather…”

My Fitbit buzzed me awake at precisely 5:16 a.m., alerting me to a phone call. I scrambled for my phone, since only certain calls can get through my phone’s “do not disturb” mode. I didn’t get the call in time, but then received a text stating that “due to bad weather” our school system would be closed today. Huh? Confused, I listened to the “due to inclement weather” phone message. No bad weather was in the forecast, so I had to further verify. I checked the school system webpage, which wouldn’t load. I assume this was due to other confused teachers and parents looking for verification. I then check the local news station and found a list of closed schools, including ours, along with a weather alert for a possible wintry mix.

This is our second school closing for weather this year, neither of which was for snow. I’ll gladly take it, but this is not how I prefer it. Continue reading ““due to inclement weather…””

My Life-Giving Friend

I sit here typing on my laptop, while my friend Julie sits across from me, typing on her own laptop. We sip our coffee, chat, write, and enjoy the beautiful setting here at the lake. Soon we will go for a walk.

Two years ago, on the same weekend, we sat at another cabin, with our friend Ann Marie. I wrote about that weekend in a blog post called Seeing and Being Seen.

Though that weekend was not the beginning of our friendship, it was our first large amount of time spent together. It was a big step for both of us – to take a risk in opening up to a new friendship.

I haven’t written a post about Julie before now. Even now I feel like I don’t have the words – that I won’t express myself well enough. Continue reading “My Life-Giving Friend”