Having Fun With Watercolors

I’ve dabbled in acrylic painting, but I’d never tried watercolor until a few months ago. While shopping at Ross one day, I saw a pack of watercolor paper at a good price. That sounds fun. I bought the paper, ordered some paints off Amazon, and bought some brushes at a hardware store. Continue reading “Having Fun With Watercolors”

John C. Campbell Folk School

For years, my mom had been talking about wanting to take a class at the John C. Campbell Folk School and she wanted me to go with her. Over a decade ago, we’d attended a summer program for educators at Savannah College of Art and Design and had a blast. We decided to have another mother/daughter experience and go to the folk school this summer. I found places for my kids and Mom found us a house/pet sitter. Mom chose a woodturning class and I chose the writing class.

I didn’t pick a “one word” for myself this year, but one that would have fit is “risk.” I’ve been choosing to step out and do things that don’t feel safe. Choosing to take a writing class with strangers fit “risk” well. I knew I’d be faced with writing prompts with a time limit, followed by sharing with the strangers in my class. Continue reading “John C. Campbell Folk School”



I’m the one toward the middle, holding the glass of wine. I wish I could put down that glass, at least at night, when the visitors have all left. Still, holding the glass for eternity is better than having that man beside me staring at me every second of every day and night. It’s been over 100 years now, and still he stares.

I am the model and actress Ellen Andrée, or so I thought until 1882. When Auguste painted his last brush stroke of me, on “Le déjeuner des canotiers,” I was terrified. It appeared I’d moved from real life to being stuck in the painting. I tried to call out to Auguste, but I couldn’t move or make a sound. He could obviously see me here. How did he not notice that I was missing from the room where I was modeling? Did he think I’d left the room that quickly? Continue reading “Forever”