Four Ways to Stay Connected in Isolation

Are you feeling disconnected? Social distancing can be challenging. Even introverts can miss the connections with others, after a while. Here are some ways to keep in touch with others.

1 – Use your phone to call people. In these days of texting and social media, our phones are rarely used for calling! Having a conversation where you can hear each other’s voices in real time brings you much closer to each other than texts or Facebook comments.

2 – Connect with groups using a video conference. I plan to try soon.

3 – Play board games together, via video or conference chat. Some games require only one set and everyone can play. You could play Boggle, trivia games, and Pictionary with only one game. You could play Yahtzee or Farkle, as long as all parties have enough dice. For two people, Battleship is one idea. Check your shelves and see what you have that might work. If the isolation lasts a while, consider ordering games online.
Alvin has made these suggestions:
3) Steam has ‘Tabletop Simulator’ from which you can play online a ton of games – even more advanced board games. they also have a bunch of board game apps
any of these then use discord or zoom or something else to talk

4 – Write old-fashioned letters. It’s fun to get real mail! Especially consider writing to people that you know have limited outside contact with others. Many older people lack the technology for social media. Be sure to wash your hands before you write and use a sponge, instead of licking, to seal the envelope.

What ideas do you have for connecting with others? Please leave your ideas in the comments section.


*Photo by Fabio Neo Amato on Unsplash




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