Exploring Outside of My Comfort Zone

A big part of me wanted to back out. Another part wanted to make excuses before I’d even started. We always tell our kids to be brave, to try even if we know we aren’t going to win, and that the experience is valuable. I had to keep telling myself those things a few days ago. I reminded myself that I’d picked the word “explore” as my word for the year, so I should explore, even if it was scary.

I arrived a few minutes early to auditions for a comedic play. I knew nothing about what this would be like. I had read the announcement weeks before, on Facebook, and saw that “sides will be provided.” I was confused. Was there a meal? I eventually looked it up and found that “sides” are portions of the script, for reading.

While I waited, I asked myself why I was there and if I was crazy. I considered the fact that if I left, nobody would miss me. I rejoiced that I only knew one person there, and that she was unlikely to recognize me.

We started with some warm-ups that were comfortable. Then the readings began. The men went first. They were given a passage and had to read it in sections, with specified personalities. The first part might be an insecure man, another angry, and another a ladies’ man. The rest of us watched and applauded each performance. When it was the women’s turn, I was called first. Yikes!

I had a different passage, which was a poem. I had two personalities to do. Strangely, I wasn’t very nervous once I started, despite being watched by 20+ people, all of whom likely have far more experience than I do. While my reading wasn’t casting worthy, it was at least not embarrassing!

Going first was actually a blessing, as I got to enjoy the rest of the readings. Many were hilarious, depending on the personality portrayed. There was a lot of talent in the room.

The next portion involved script-reading, in groups. I read both male and female roles, depending on the needs at the moment. I felt good about the ones I read, though neither were parts I had included in my short list of interests.

The results will be announced this week. I’m confident I won’t be cast, but I will enjoy seeing the list. Even more, I’ll enjoy seeing the play itself, with the roles filled with those I watched audition. I may volunteer to help with sets or programs.

I’m glad I explored and had this new experience. If I ever want to audition for a play in the future, I will have a better idea of how it works. Best of all, it was another growth opportunity to go outside my comfort zone and survive it!

How about you? Is there anything you’d like to try but have been to scared to do? Consider stepping out and giving it a try. The experience itself is worth it.


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