2019 One Word

What is “one word?” It is choosing a goal for the year, using only one word, rather than a long list of New Year’s resolutions. I first saw the idea on a friend’s page. I didn’t realize that it was a whole movement. I started noticing other bloggers choosing their words. There is even a One Word website. The first word that I picked for myself was “feel.”

My 2019 will usher in a new place to live in VA, a summer house in Maine, an ending of a 30-year career, and the beginning of a life without that career. There will be new ways to spend my time. Many of those have yet to be determined and will likely be fluid.

The first word I considered was “adapt.” I’ll certainly need to do plenty of adapting in 2019. I could also acclimate, adjust, become accustomed to, and modify myself. What’s missing from all of those words is the sense of doing them well. I don’t want to simply adapt, I want to… flourish!

I want this year to be a time of flourishing in all the changes that are yet to be. I want to serve, learn, and grow in my new environments. Let us see where this will take me this year!

Addendum: My friend and I don’t tell each other what our word is ahead of time. We both have to wait for the “reveal” in each other’s blog posts. Both blog posts went live just after midnight, to our e-mail subscribers. I was confused when I saw the title of hers. We picked the same word, out of approximately 250,000 words in the English language! Here is the link to her post.

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