Socks With Sandals?!

I finally get it. I was one of those who would shake my head at those silly people who wore sandals and socks in cool or cold weather. Why not wear real shoes?

As the beginning of the school year approached this year, I fought the return to “real” shoes more than ever. As a p.e. teacher, my sandals don’t really fit the image. I resigned to play the part and put on my athletic shoes. I was miserable. 

I love sandals. My feet feel free. Most of all, my toes are not squished. Perhaps I have wider feet at the toes, or maybe everyone is made this way. Whichever the case. regular shoes push my toes together. I don’t like it. 

Many days I have declined to go the way of the shoes, wearing my sandals and justifying it to my students with, “you’re the ones doing the activity, not me.” Other than being stepped on or stubbing a toe here or there, it has felt great, especially in the hot gymnasium.

Earlier today, when I returned from church in my motorcycle boots, the house was chilly. Still, I did not want to pull off the boots and put on shoes! I pulled out my old Birkenstocks, left my socks on, and slid my feet into the sandals. Ahh! 

It felt wonderful. I guess I’m one of them now, at least at home.


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